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K and T Books

Los Alamos Medical Center
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K and T Books has produced several medical and allergy reference books. Hartley & Marks Publishers produced three of their books, Allergy Relief and Prevention, Natural Detoxification, and Finding the Right Treatment.


Sixteen medically related Kindle books were also produced by the K and T authors, Dr. Jacqueline Krohn and Frances A. Taylor, and are available on Amazon.


Several of their books, including Phenolics and Other Allergens, Volumes I-1V and Rotation Is Not Just for Tires!, were self-published.  They also produced both Food and Pollen Dot Charts that identify allergenic substances in foods and pollens.


Hartley & Marks is no longer printing the titles they published, and K and T Books is no longer going to print any of their books, or produce any more of their products when their inventory is gone.